Rick Harrison Net Worth 2022: Biography, Career, Early Life, Relationship, House, Cars, Achievements, & many more  

Rick Harrison Net Worth 2022

Rick Harrison net worth is $9 million. American reality television star Austin Chumlee Russell represents this generation. The History Channel television program “Pawn Stars” is where Russell gained the majority of his notoriety. Before the first season of the show could begin filming, Rick Harrison started working at the Pawnshop five years later. Due to his friendship with Corey Harrison, whose father and grandfather founded the business, Russell was given the position.

Image Credit- CA knowledge
Image Credit- CAknowledge

Since the show’s inception in 2009, it has released more than 577 episodes, which is pretty remarkable. In reality, the show is based on a Pawn Shop owned by a certain family. It is located in Las Vegas and is the biggest pawnshop in the country. At that location, the show is also filmed.

Richard Old Man Harrison, who oversaw the show back in 1989, launched the store. It is televised on History TV in every country. Behind Jersey Shore, the program rose to become the second-most watched television program. The Harrison family, Rick Harrison, Richard Old Man Harrison, Corey Big Hoss Harrison, and Austin Chumlee Russell, Corey’s friend, are all members of the team.

Rick Harrison Net Worth

Rick Harrison Net Worth
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For the past 13 years, Pawn Stars has been a hugely popular program. The show made a name for itself and enjoyed some significant success during that time. It is regarded as one of the most popular programs in its category. which is only an estimate because they haven’t provided any specific details. However, the show’s owners estimated net worth is $8,000,000 for Richard Old Man Harrison and Rick Harrison, $9,000,000 for Russell, and $4,000,000 for Corey.

Net Worth$9 Million
NamePawn Stars Net Worth
Own ByRick Harrison and his family
Original releaseJuly 19, 2009 – present
Networks:History, A+E Networks

Rick Harrison Early Life

Rick Harrison Early Life
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Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. and Joanne Harrison welcomed Richard Kevin Harrison into the world on March 22, 1965, in Lexington, North Carolina. The third kid is Richard. He has an older brother, Joseph, and a younger brother, Chris. He also had an older sister, Sherry, who passed away when she was six. His father served in the American Navy in the past.

Harrison’s father was transferred to San Diego when he was two years old, so the family moved there. From the age of eight forward, Harrison experienced epileptic episodes. Harrison developed a lifelong love of reading as a result of this, which frequently kept him in bed. While living in San Diego, Harrison attended Taft Middle School. However, he left after his second year to focus on his “$2,000 a week business of selling phony Gucci bags.” In April 1981, the Harrison family relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rick Harrison Career

Rick Harrison Career
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Harrison’s father launched his first thrift shop in 1981 after moving his family to Las Vegas. On Las Vegas Boulevard, the first Gold & Silver Coin Shop was a 300-square-foot hole in the wall. Harrison spent the day working in his father’s store. He repossessed autos at night. The shop relocated to a bigger location in downtown Las Vegas in 1986.

Sadly, the Harrisons lost their tenancy on the property in 1988. The shop was then relocated to a fresh business structure on Las Vegas Boulevard. Years prior, Harrison and his father had discussed turning the coin shop into a pawn shop. They perceived it as the company’s logical progression. However, a 1955 ordinance from Las Vegas made it difficult to do so since it restricted the number of new pawn shop licenses that could be issued depending on the population of the city.

Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Over 640,000 people call Las Vegas home in the larger metro region by 1988. Harrison contacted the city’s statistician every week so they could apply for one of the city’s prized and uncommon pawn licenses as soon as Las Vegas’s population reached the next threshold that made those licenses available. The Harrison family received their pawn license the following year, in 1989. The Gold & Silver Pawn Shop, which is close to the Las Vegas Strip, was established the same year by Harrison and his father.

By 2005, Harrison and his father were disbursing about $3 million annually. This made the Harrisons about $700,000 in income from the interest on the loans. By 2006, the pawnshop became well known for selling unique sports memorabilia. It was also a haven for gamblers who find themselves in need of pawning something to buy gas to drive back to wherever they came from.

Harrison spent four years pitching the idea of a television show about his pawnshop after his store was the subject of a 2001 PBS documentary and on the popular Comedy Central show Insomniac with Dave Attell in 2003. The idea kicked around HBO and YouTube before the History Channel came calling and developed the concept into the Pawn Stars that we know today as the highest-rated show on the History Channel.

Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Pawn Stars debuted in July 2009 and as of June 2020, has run for 17 seasons and 577 episodes. Pawn Stars is by far the number one most popular show on The History Channel. The show is so popular that History renews the series in batches of 80 episodes, which is highly unusual for any television show, let alone a reality series. Today Rick’s son Corey Harrison also works in the store and is seen on the show along with childhood best friend Austin “Chumlee” Russell. Rick’s nickname on the show is “The Spotter” because of his keen eye for undervalued items.

Rick Harrison Personal Life

Rick Harrison Personal Life
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Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Harrison’s girlfriend Kim became pregnant when he was 17 years old. The couple chose to get married despite having a miscarriage. On April 27, 1983, Corey, their firstborn, was born. Adam, their second child, was born two years later. Harrison and Kim parted ways soon after Adam was born. On a blind double date nine months later, Harrison ran into Tracy, who would subsequently become his second wife. They began living together after six months of dating, were engaged eight months later, and started raising Corey and Adam. They separated later. Harrison, who had previously been divorced twice, announced his engagement to Deanna Burditt in 2012. On July 21, 2013, the pair exchanged vows in Laguna Beach, California.

Rick Harrison Real Estate

Rick Harrison Real Estate
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Harrison put his Red Rock Country Club home in Summerlin, Las Vegas, up for sale in 2019 for $3.99 million. The 8,845-square-foot residence was constructed in 2001. He purchased the home in 2016 and made repairs for roughly $600,000. For $45,000, granite cleaned in acid, sliced into planks, and set out like a hardwood floor was used as the flooring in the formal sitting room. The house features two bedrooms above and two bedrooms downstairs.

Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

The residence also features a gym that can double as a bedroom. In addition to a 12-seat home theatre with a 150-inch screen and a curtain, the house features seven bathrooms. More than 1,000 bottles of wine can be stored in a cellar. The house boasts an elevator and a telephone-controlled central sound system that allows music to be played in any room. The house includes views of the Strip and the Arroyo Golf Club in the backyard and overlooks the Spring Mountains of Red Rock Canyon from the front.

The back of the house balcony is located in the upstairs game room. A gate leading to the golf course and a lagoon-style pool with an elevated spa can be seen in the backyard. There is a lazy river that flows into the pool and a 10-foot waterfall. An outdoor kitchen is also located in the backyard. Harrison picked the neighborhood because their children attended a nearby high school, but now that the children are grown, they are no longer in need of the room.

Rick Harrison Achievements

Rick Harrison Achievements
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Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Numerous honors and awards have been bestowed on the program and its producers. For a very long period, it has held the top spot on the rating board. More than 577 episodes of the sitcom have been produced, which is a sizable amount. In addition, Rick Harrison, the store’s proprietor, received the Pawnbroker of the Year award. The Clark County Commission proclaimed July 17 as Pawn Stars/Gold & Silver Pawn Day in honor of Rick Harrison’s contributions to the Clark County Heritage Museum and his charitable endeavors. The series has also won numerous accolades, including the Stanley Cup and NHL Awards.

Rick Harrison Instagram Link- https://www.instagram.com/rick_harrison/?hl=en

Pawn Star Instagram Link- https://www.instagram.com/pawnstars/?hl=en#

Rick Harrison Highlights 

·        Russel owns over 200 pairs of shoes 

·        Pawn Stars (Reality show, 2009-)

·        Chumlee’s Candy on the Boulevard (Candy Shop, 2017)

Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Frequently Asked Questions About Rick Harrison

What is the net worth of Rick Harrison?

Rick Harrison Net Worth is $9 million. He is an American business owner and reality TV star who has . Rick Harrison is part of the Harrison family which owns the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, Nevada.

How did Rick Harrison get rich?

His time as a businessman and reality TV personality has certainly helped beef up his earnings over the years. According to Celebrity Net Worth, he has a net worth of $9 million. Rick Harrison is the owner of Gold and Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. He is best known for starring on History Channel’s Pawn Stars.

Is Rick Harrison’s dad still alive?

Harrison died on June 25, 2018, after a battle with Parkinson’s disease. Harrison was survived by wife Joanne, three sons, 10 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. Harrison placed his son Rick in charge of his estate.

Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million

Who is the richest pawn star?

Rick Harrison net worth is $9 million, which is a remarkable number given his somewhat humble beginnings. The Gold & Silver opened its doors as a pawn shop in the late 1980s, with Rick working there during the day and repossessing cars at night.

Are Pawn Stars still open in 2022?

“Pawn Stars” is now chugging toward its 600th show, expected to air in early 2022. Such celebs and superstars as Roger Daltry, Billy F. Gibbons, Steve Carell, and George Stephanopoulos have made cameos over the years.

Where does Rick Harrison live now?

Rick Harrison’s Off-Grid Ranch. Rick Harrison has a family business in Las Vegas, Nevada called The Gold and Silver Pawn Shop.

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Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million


Rick Harrison Net Worth Is $9 Million. Rick Harrison is a well-known American reality television star and a businessman who is most famous for his starring on the History Channel show ‘Pawn Stars. He started to work in the shop when he was 21 years old. Some of his duties are checking the items, loading them, and writing the tickets for items bought by the customers. He has shown that he can be brilliant from time to time and in recent years he has set up several business ventures.

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