The Guide to wearing a T-shirt

The Guide to wearing a T-shirt
The Guide to wearing a T-shirt
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Each and everyone have a T shirt story to reveal. Even your T – shirt would have something interesting to reveal and it can adopt to any form of situation. An affordable version of a t shirt is a good to go clothing for a number of people worldwide. But not all the T- shirts are of the same type as some could be better than the others. What are the things that you keep in mind when you are purchasing a T shirt? Let us look at the simple but effective steps when it comes to their choice.

Fabric type

The choice of a T shirt based on the fabric or even the fiber content is one of the important considerations for choosing one. Normally it is cotton or a blend of cotton or synthetic fibers or 100 %. For thinner type of T shirt, a jersey material is being used.

So how you are aware that you have a jersey or an interlock fabric. The latter is going to have a couple of knitted lopes per fabric, and on the other hand a knit is going to have one series of loop. The comfort level is dependent upon the type of T shirt that you have gone on to choose. This is going to depend upon the place where you are wearing a T shirt. If you are in an AC room it is not going to matter if your T shirt has polyester fabrics or other synthetic fabrics that is mixed on the cotton fabrics. You are going to welcome the synthetic fabrics because of the additional benefits they end up providing. It is suggested that you opt for a blend of polyester and cotton fabrics as it is a lot easier to care than the durable ones.

The 100% polyester fabric T shirt is not something that is comfortable to be worn on a day-to-day basis. But it is a great option for sports activities since it is light in weight and would wick out the sweat from your body. This is something that is going to happen with cotton, and even if it absorbs sweat is going to remain for a longer period of time. When you are sweating it out in the field you do not want that wet feeling on your body.

Printed designs

There are designs that is printed on the T shirt, would take precedence, over the fabric type than something else. The quotes, cool texts, on a T shirt is what attracts you to one in the first place amidst all other considerations to pale and fade away if you fall in love with them.

Size and fit

Size along with fit is important for some people than others. If you fall in the above category just you need to select one simple size that is something that can be worn all the year around. If this is not the case then you can go to the shop and try it again. The size is something that is going to vary between t shirt brands. One of the better things is to take a measuring tape along with your shoulder width and size. Double check the measuring chart given for each brand. When you measure the chest, the measure around the fullest part of the chest under the armpits.


The occasion is another important point of consideration. You will be wearing T shirt to formal events. But when you are wearing one the occasion does matter. For example, a trip to the gym or a night out with your friend all would require different considerations when it comes to a T shirt. For sports you may require a T shirt that dries quickly and absorbs sweat fast. For winter hoodies you are going to require a long-sleeved T shirt.


This happens to be a point of consideration but an important one. The simple fact is that you buy what you afford and it is nothing more.

The cut of the T shirt and styles

 One of the common types of T shirts is a crew neck along with short sleeves. But it does not end there. There are different types of T shirts and numerous styles of wearing them that includes layering the T shirt one on top of the others. It is dependent upon the trend of the movement, along with individual fashion statement.

The color of the T shirt

Once again it depends upon the personal choice. Even a lot of other factors come into considerations like the best color combinations, based on the color wheel and it becomes the best color when it comes to the choice of clothes.

Fabric quality

After wearing a T shirt when you wash it is bound to shrink. This is one of the common things that emerges when you are purchasing a new T shirt. It arises due to the quality of fabric construction. The fabrics are already over stretched and tends to make the fabric shorter and wider.

When you are purchasing a T shirt take into consideration the fabric structure. The knitting has to be relaxed and at any point of time it should not be overstretched in any way. You need to be aware that cotton fabrics are prone to some level of shrinkage earlier. Another issue that tends to arise is the over stretching in the regions of the neck. When it comes to the question of color a suggestion is to be purchasing from reputed brands.

Sewing construction

It is one of the important pointers, as a wrongly made T- shirt, could distort your shape. It is going to hang around your body and is in the wrong directions. In case of bad T shirt quality, the body hem and the sleeve hem will be twisted. If it is twisted in the showroom then there is a possibility that it is twisted at the home too.

These are the pointers to consider while dealing a T shirt.

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