What is AAI’s full form?

Airport Authority of India is known as AAI.
Image - The Nagpur Airport | Airport Authority of India is known as AAI.
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Airport Authority of India is known as AAI. The Ministry of Civil Aviation oversees its operations. It is in charge of developing, maintaining, and modernising India’s civil aviation infrastructure. It carries out a variety of tasks, such as overseeing 125 airports, providing air navigation services, controlling air traffic throughout Indian airspace and nearby marine regions, etc.

The National Airports Authority (NAA) and the International Airports Authority of India (IAAI) were combined by an Act of Parliament in April 1995, resulting in the creation of the Airport Authority of India.

Full form of AAI is Indian Airports Authority.

The following are the four training facilities that AAI has established:

The Fire Training Centers (FTC) in Delhi and Kolkata, as well as the Civil Aviation Training College (CATC) at Allahabad’s National Institute of Aviation Management and Research (NIAMAR)

Passenger Conveniences

Construction, modification, and management of passenger terminals, development and management of cargo terminals, development and maintenance of apron infrastructures, including parallel taxiways, runways, and apron, provision of communication, navigation, and surveillance services, including the provision of DVOR/DME, ILS, ATC radars, and visual aids, as well as provision of passenger facilities and amenities, are among the main duties of AAI.

AAI Flight Services

With its intention to transition to satellite-based correspondence, route, reconnaissance, and air traffic on the board, AAI has been making progress with regard to the global methodology of modernising the air route framework for a smooth route across state and provincial boundaries.

As the US Federal Aviation Administration, US Trade and Development Agency, European Union, Air Services Australia, and the French Government Cooperative Projects and Studies have started to benefit from their experience, numerous participation agreements and memoranda of collaboration have been approved. Through these events, more and more AAI executives are exposed to cutting-edge technology as well as the modern methods and procedures being employed to improve the operation of airport and air navigation services.

By offering the newest, most innovative equipment as both replacement and new facilities, airports in the air continuously increase the bar for safety. New and improved methods are adopted at the same time that new equipment is introduced. To expand airspace limit and ease traffic interference, India’s airspace embraced the Reduced Vertical Separation Minima (RVSM ). (RVSM ).

Another significant step in this direction was the development of GPS and Geo Augmented Navigation (GAGAN) in partnership with ISRO, which, once operational, would be one of only four such systems globally.

Full form of AAI is Indian Airports Authority.

The following are AAI’s actions:

  • Process Design, building, management, and maintenance of civil enclaves and domestic and international airports.
  • Control and management of Indian airspace recognised by ICAO as extending beyond national boundaries.
  • Construction, renovation, and management of passenger terminals
  • establishment and management of cargo terminals at both domestic and foreign airports.

The functions of AAI are as follows:

  • Design, Development, Operation, and Maintenance of Civil Enclaves and International Airports.
  • Control and management of Indian airspace that extends outside of national borders, as recognised by ICAO.
  • Building, modifying, and managing passenger terminals
  • creation and administration of cargo terminals at domestic and international airports.
  • airport passenger terminals are equipped with passenger amenities and an information system.
  • expansion and sturdiness of the operational space, including the runways, aprons, and taxiways, etc.
  • supplying visual assistance
  • ILS, DVOR, DME, and other communication and navigational aids are available.

Full form of AAI is Indian Airports Authority.

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