Assistant Professor Salary in India: Decoding the Compensation Conundrum

Decoding the Compensation Conundrum of Assistant Professor Salary in India
Decoding the Compensation Conundrum of Assistant Professor Salary in India

In academia, assistant professors are at the forefront of knowledge pursuit and shaping future generations. Their dedication to research, teaching, and mentoring is critical for expanding higher education institutions’ intellectual capital. However, one component that sometimes goes unappreciated is the salary they receive in exchange for their great services. Assistant professor salary in India raises thought-provoking questions about fairness, recognition of their worth, and financial well-being. 

Assistant Professor Salary in India
Assistant Professor Salary in India (Image Source: Hindustan times)

This article aims to delve deep into this complex issue, shedding light on the intricate factors that influence assistant professor salaries in India. By examining the current landscape, exploring the challenges they face, and presenting potential solutions, we endeavor to unravel the intricacies surrounding this significant matter. Join us on this enlightening journey as we strive to understand the dynamics of assistant professor salaries in India and their profound implications for the future of academia.

Assistant Professor Average Salary in India

The typical salary range for Assistant Professors in India is between INR 5.33 LPA – 7.70 LPA. The compensation of an Assistant Professor depends on their qualifications and relevant experience. To become an Assistant Professor, individuals must complete post-graduation, qualify for the UGC NET exam, and pursue a Ph.D. degree.

An Assistant Professor who has cleared the UGC NET exam earns an average monthly salary of around INR 37,000. However, those with a Ph.D. degree and UGC NET qualification receive a higher monthly compensation, approximately INR 57,000. The average salary for Assistant Professors with 4-5 years of teaching experience can range from INR 8 LPA to 10 LPA.

It is important to note that salaries for Assistant Professors might differ between public and private educational institutions. Assistant Professors typically start with an average salary of INR 3.5 LPA at government colleges, whereas the beginning wage in private institutions is around INR 2.5 LPA. In a government university, the highest income for an Assistant Professor is around INR 32 LPA; however, in a private institution, the maximum salary might go up to 40 LPA or even more in some circumstances.

Assistant Professor Salary and UGC 7th Pay Commission 

According to the UGC 7th Pay Commission, the UGC Pay Review Committee and the Central Government have revised pay scales for qualified NET Lecturers/Assistant Professors and Teaching Jobs. These pay scales have led to salary increases of up to 24%, 16%, and 8% based on the Dearness Allowance of the Employer. This adjustment marks a significant change in the salaries of university teachers.

During the inaugural ceremony of the second university in Mandi district, Jairam Thakur announced the implementation of the revised University Grant Commission (UGC) pay scale for government university and college teachers. This implementation will result in increased salaries for assistant professors and associate professors.

In the budget session of the Punjab assembly, Chief Minister Bhagwant Singh Mann discussed the implementation of the revised UGC assistant professor salary. He emphasized aligning the pay scales with the 7th Pay Commission for colleges and universities in the state.

UGC 7th Pay Commission – Assistant and Associate Professor Grade Pay 

According to the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission Review Committee, the salary structure for Assistant Professors and Professors has been revised based on a six-level system. This revision includes adjustments to the Academic Grade Pay and the entry-level pay/salary structure for individuals in Assistant Professor Jobs up to Professor Teaching Jobs.

Jobs Levels of Assistant ProfessorSalary of Assistant Professor & Professor (Grade Pay)Salary Structure of Assistant Professor & Professor (Entry Pay)
10 (Assistant Professor)600021600
11 (Assistant professor)700025790
12 (Assistant Professor)800029900
13 (Associate Professor)900049200
14 (Professor)1000053000
15 (Professor)67000
Assistant and Associate Professor Grade Pay 

UGC 7th Pay Commission – Revised Pay Scale

The table below shows the new pay scale for the UCG Assistant Professors Jobs and Lecturers Jobs – 

Teaching Jobs PositionsExisting UGC Pay Scale for Assistant Professors & TeachersNew Pay Scale of Assistant Professor & Other PostsUniversity Teacher’s Salary (Grade Pay)
Assistant Professor SalaryINR 47304INR 57700INR 6000
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale)INR 56480INR 68900INR 7000
Associate ProfessorINR 107748INR 131400INR 9000
ProfessorINR 116070INR 144200INR 10000
Vice-ChancellorINR 175200INR 225000
UGC 7th Pay Commission – Revised Pay Scale

UGC 7th Pay Commission – Annual Increment & Promotion Rules

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has changed the promotion and increment rules for employees in teaching jobs. The following are the new guidelines:

  1. For Ph.D. Degree Holders: Candidates holding a Ph.D. will receive five advance increments instead of the previous 4.
  2. For M.Phil. Degree Holders: Candidates with an M.Phil. degree will now receive 3 advance increments compared to the previous 2 increments.
  3. For M.Tech, M.D, M.S, LLM Degree Holders: Candidates who have completed their M.Tech, M.D, M.S, or LLM degrees will receive three advance increments instead of the previous 2.
  4. For M.A, M.Sc., M.Com Degree Holders: Candidates with degrees such as Master of Arts (M.A), Master of Science (M.Sc.), and Master of Commerce (M.Com) who also possess NET/SLET qualification as Assistant Professors will receive an advantage of 2 advanced increments.
  5. For Associate Professor Jobs: Candidates joining the university as Associate Professors through Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) or open selection will be given two advance increments per year.
  6. For In-Service University Teacher Jobs: In-service teachers who have not completed their Ph.D. will receive 3 advance increments per the UGC. After completing their Ph.D., they will be eligible for 2 advance increments per year.
  7. For Extraordinary Work: Previously, employees demonstrating high merit, better publications, and extensive work experience were eligible for 5 increments. However, the UGC committee now recommends an increase to 7 advance increments for those who exhibit extraordinary work.

These revised rules and increments aim to recognize and reward the achievements and qualifications of individuals in teaching positions.

Assistant Professor Salary College Wise

The salary of an Assistant Professor can differ depending on the college they work at. Private colleges typically have a distinct pay structure compared to government colleges. Below is a tabulated breakdown of the salaries of Assistant Professors categorized by college.

Name of the CollegeAverage Annual Salary (INR)
Amity University6.02 L
Lovely Professional University5.60 L
Chandigarh University5.18 L
Sharda University5.90 L
Jaipur National University4.20 L
Manipal University7.90 L
Christ University8.90 L
Presidency University7.10 L
University of Delhi7.77 L
Parul University4.60 L
Assistant Professor Salary: College Wise

Assistant Professor Salary: Qualification Wise

Their qualifications influence the salary of an Assistant Professor. Candidates with a postgraduate degree tend to receive a lower salary than those who have cleared the National Eligibility Test (NET) and pursued a Ph.D. in relevant subjects. The qualifications of an Assistant Professors and their corresponding average salaries are presented in the table below.

QualificationsAverage Annual Salary
Post Graduation with UGC NET4.28 L
Ph.D.5 L
Ph.D. with UGC NET6.38 L
Assistant Professor Salary: Qualification Wise

Assistant Professor Salary: Experience Wise

Experience plays a significant role in determining the salary of an Assistant Professor. Candidates with more relevant experience typically receive higher compensation than those with fewer years of experience. The average annual salary of Assistant Professors, categorized by years of experience, is presented in the table below.

ExperienceAverage Annual Salary (INR)
0 – 2 years1.5 L – 3.5 L
2 – 5 years4 L- 6 L
5 – 10 Years6 L – 8 L
10 – 15 years8L – 12 L
15 Years & above12 L and above
Assistant Professor Salary: Experience Wise

Assistant Professor Salary: Designation Wise

Assistant Professor is the entry-level designation for many candidates in the academic hierarchy. As individuals progress in their careers, there are various designations they can attain, including Associate Professors, Professors, and Heads of Department (HOD). With each promotion, the salary package of an Assistant Professor also experiences a gradual increase. The designations and corresponding average annual salaries of professors are tabulated below.

Designations Average Annual Salary (INR)
Assistant Professor5.67 L
Associate Professor8.90 L
H.O.D12.24 L
Professor10.20 L
Senior Professor22.15 L
Assistant Professor Salary Designation Wise


In conclusion, the salary of an Assistant Professor in India is influenced by several factors, such as qualifications, experience, and the type of institution. The pay structure varies between government and private colleges, with different scales and increments. Higher capabilities, such as clearing the NET exam and pursuing a Ph.D., often result in higher salaries. Similarly, relevant years of experience also play a crucial role in determining the compensation for Assistant Professors.

It is valuable to acknowledge the contributions of Assistant Professors in education. They play a crucial role in forming the minds of the coming generations, conducting research, and fostering intellectual development. Hence, fair and competitive salaries for assistant professors might attract and retain talented teaching professionals.

Ensuring equitable pay, recognizing the importance of advanced degrees and relevant experience, and providing opportunities for career progression are essential steps to support Assistant Professors’ financial well-being and motivation.

As India continues to invest in education and academic development, it is imperative to address the salary concerns of Assistant Professors to create a conducive and rewarding environment for teaching and research. By valuing and compensating Assistant Professors appropriately, we can promote excellence in higher education and nurture a thriving academic community in India.


Q: What is the salary of a professor in India?

A: The average annual salary of a professor in India is INR 6 LPA. 

Q: Do higher qualifications result in higher salaries for Assistant Professors? 

A: Yes, higher qualifications, such as clearing the NET exam and pursuing a Ph.D. in relevant subjects, often lead to higher salaries for Assistant Professors.

Q: Are there opportunities for salary growth for Assistant Professors? 

A: Yes, with regular promotions and career progression, the salary of an Assistant Professor can experience a gradual hike. Advancement to higher positions such as Associate Professor, Professor, or HOD can increase compensation.

Q: How important is fair and competitive compensation for Assistant Professors? 

A: Fair and competitive salaries are crucial for attracting and retaining talented teaching professionals. Recognizing the value and contributions of Assistant Professors through appropriate compensation is essential for promoting excellence in higher education.

Q: What are the top-paying companies that employ professors in India?

A: The top-paying companies that employ professors in India are educational institutions and universities like the University of Delhi, Mumbai University, and LPU etc.

Q: What is the starting salary of a Professor in India?

A: The average starting salary of a professor in India is INR 3 LPA.

Q: What is the highest salary of a professor in India?

A: The highest salary of professors in India is INR 44 LPA for private institutions and INR 30 LPA for those employed in government universities.

Q: How does a professor’s salary change with experience in India?

A: Professors’ salary in India increases with relevant experience. A Lecturer with 4-5 years of relevant experience gets an average salary of INR 10 LPA, while a Lecturer with 8-10 years of relevant experience gets an average salary of INR 15 LPA.

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