Badshah Net Worth 2022: Incomes, Assets, Brands endorsements, Earnings and more

Badshah Net Worth
Badshah Net Worth Image Source: Forbes India
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Last updated on September 12th, 2022 at 01:16 pm


Badshah is a singer, producer, music director, composer, a rapper from India. He is the only person who comes to mind of every Indian when a person thinks of rock and roll rap music. There is no other music icon like Badshah. Badshah Net worth is of $5Million. He is an Indian music artist who is known for his Hindi, Haryanvi and Punjabi songs. The real name of Badshah is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia.

Badshah Net Worth is estimated to be $5 Million which is around 32 crores in INR

He was born in 1985, on 19th October in Delhi. He completed his education from Pitampura, from Bal Bharti School. As a child was not much passionate about music but destiny has its way and now he is the best singer and rapper of or country. He got the limelight after his Punjabi song ‘Saturday’ got released. In this article, we will discuss Badshah’s Net Worth, Income sources and many more other things.

Badshah Net Worth 2022: Incomes, Assets, Brands endorsements, Earnings and more
Badshah (Image Source:

Badshah Net Worth is estimated to be around 32 Crores approximately. Badshah has gathered a lot of attention in the last few years. Every Indian loves to vibe on his songs. He has a tremendous fan following. He has given many super hit songs over years. people who can make other people happy and can rule their hearts then definitely that person can earn more and more. Hence, Badshah earns a pretty good amount of money through his music and his super hit songs.

Badshah Net Worth:

Badshah Net worth is estimated to be around $5 Million which is equal to 32 Crores in India. He is the most popular singer in India. Almost all the songs are a super hit and each song crosses millions of views on YouTube. Due to his immense popularity, he is always in demand for endorsements of the brands. Most of his income is through brands. He owns his brand too which deals with Clothing, TV and content creation. He is also a part of the T-series and also a major part of his income is through it. He charges the most to the brands among the other singer since his popularity and his craze among his fans is way too more than any other singer in India. He has a very huge brand value compared to the other singers in our Country.

Badshah Net worth
Badshah Net Worth (Image Source:

He has previously worked with Honey Singh. But now he has his fame. He is India’s fastest Growing Singer. Badshah’s monthly average income is around Rs. 25 lakhs. He endorses many popular brands such as Yamaha, Pepsi, Hitachi and many other popular brands. His income has grown up to 60% more than his previous year income.

Name Badshah
Age34 Years Old
Profession Singer, Rapper
Net Worth $5 Million
Net Worth in INR 32 Crores
Salary 30-40 Lakhs
Badshah Net Worth

Badshah’s Career:

Badshah started his career in the year 2006 with the popular rapper Yo Honey Singh from his group. His brand was known as Mafia Mundeer. His first song was Soda Whiskey in the year 2007. In collaboration with Yo Honey Singh, he released songs like Khol Botal, Begani Naar and many other songs. He is popularly also known as Bad Boy Shah and Gabru Ghatak by his beloved fan following. But after a few years, he split with Honey Singh in the year 2012 for some of the indifferences between them.

Badshah Photo
Badshah Photo (Image Source:

He then started doing his singles and very soon he became famous as an individual rapper and singer in India and gained utmost attention. He came into the limelight with his very popular Haryanvi song ‘Kar Gayi chill. This song of his gave him hope for a future in Bollywood and soon he debuts a single called, ‘Dj wale babu’ which become a super hit and it also ranked No. 1 on the I tunes chart within 24 hours of its release. After this track got released he gathered the utmost love and attention from people.

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Badshah’s Salary:

The rapper has an income approximately of 20-30 lakhs per month. He endorses many popular brands and also by giving such popular songs he makes his money. As per the sources, he makes araround0 lakhs of money from his single songs and from his songs that are featured in the movies, he makes around30-35 lakhs of money. He charges a pretty high amount of money than the other singers due to his immense popularity.

Badshah Net Worth is approximately estimated to be $5 Million which is around 32 crores in INR

Badshah’s Assets:

Badshah makes a very high amount of money and thus he has many assets. His assets consist of many luxury cars, expensive houses and many properties too. He owns many expensive properties in many expensive cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. The worth of his house in Mumbai is more than 4 Crore which is according to the market reports. He owns an overall asset of more than Rs. 15 Crores.

Badshah Photo
Badshah (Image Source:

Badshah’s Cars:

Badshah has a huge collection of cars as he is a great lover of cars. He owns many expensive cars including BMW, Porsche, Mercedez Benz S and many other expensive cars. Here is a list of all the cars that Badshah owns:

BMW 640D 75 Lakhs
Jeep Wrangles 85 Lakhs
Porsche Cayman 1 Crore
Lamborghini Gallardo 5 Crore
Mercedez Benz S Class 1.5 Crore
Badshah’s Cars

Badshah’s Wiki:

Name Badshah
Age 36 years old
Height 5’10”
Weight 84 kg
Favourite Actor Akshay Kumar
Favourite Singer Neha Kakkar
Favourite Sportsperson MS Dhoni
Hobbies Comedy, Travelling, Gaming
Badshah’s Wiki

Badshah’s Social Media Account (Instagram and Twitter):

Badshah Instagram Account:

Badshah Twitter Account:

Badshah’s Wealth Dependency:

Badshah is a very renowned singer and music composer. Though his income is not only through his musical career but only through various brands. He promotes several popular brands such as Pepsi, Tuborg and many other popular brands. His net worth has increased a lot in the last few years. He has huge popularity on Youtube has a huge reach among the people and therefore brands love endorsing more than the other singers.

Badshah songs
Badshah Songs (Image Source:

He has more than 800 Million views on Youtube. He is also among India’s Top 20  Most Viewed Singers. His major part of the income is from his songs and from the brands that he promotes. His new song gets released every 2-3 months and most of his songs get super hit.

Some Facts about Badshah:

  • Rapper Badshah’s real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia.
  • Badshah is a very great lover of Ice creams.
  • He loves watching Movies, Travelling and Shopping and spending time with his family.
  • He loves playing football and use to play in a Club in Delhi.
  • As a child he was not passionate about singing, but today he is one of the best singers in our country.
  • His inspiration is Shah Rukh Khan.
  • He does not smoke nor does he consumes alcohol.
  • He started his career with the stage name Cool Equal and then later he changed it to Badshah.
  • His nickname is Prince.
  • He can speak many languages such as Marathi, Tamil, Bhojpuri, Bengali, Gujarati and English.

FAQs About Badshah Net worth

What is the Net Worth of Badshah?

Badshah’s Net Worth is estimated to be $4 Million which is Equal to Rs. 30 Crore INR.

How much does Badshah make in a month?

Badshah’s monthly earning is estimated to be around Rs. 25 lakhs approximately.

How old is Rapper Badshah?

Badshah is 36 years old.

What is the height of Badshah?

Badshah’s height is 5’10”.

What is the colour of Badshah’s eye?

The colour of Badshah’s eye is Black.

Who is the favourite director of the rapper Badshah?

Badshah’s favourite director is Karan Johar.

What are the hobbies of Badshah?

Badshah’s hobby is watching movies, travel, shopping and he also loves spending his time with his family.

Does rapper Badshah has a sister?

Yes, rapper Badshah has a sister and her name is Aprajita.

Why does rapper Badshah, used ‘Badshah’ as his stage name?

Badshah used this name as his stage name because he is a very big fan of Shah Rukh Khan and the name Badshah is inspired by one of his movies titled Badshah.

What is the real name of the rapper Badshah?

Rapper Badshah’s real name is Aditya Prateek Singh Sisodia.

What is the nickname of rapper Badshah?

Rapper Badshah’s nickname is Prince, his family calls him Prince adorably.

Which was rapper Badshah’s first-ever rap song?

Badshah’s first rap song was Soda Whiskey, which was in the year 2007.


Badshah is a very famous songwriter and rapper. He is also a businessman and has his brand which now has extended to TV, Clothing, Hospitality and Content Creation. His brand is doing great. He has also appeared on the most celebrity list in last recent years.

Badshah Net Worth is estimated to be $5 Million as of 2022 which is around 32 crores in INR

Badshah has a very big and loyal fan following. His major source of income is from his songs, films, brands promotion and his brand. Badshah Net worth is of $5 Million, around 32 crores in INR.

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