The Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education

The Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education
The Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education


Today’s generation is fond of using mobile phones; therefore, they love to spend most of their time scrolling their phones. It would not be wrong if I said that their typing speed is more than their writing speed. So, in this era, most students are comfortable with the online learning system because they feel online is better than going and struggling offline.

The Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education
The Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education (Image Source: Smart Classroom)

Online learning systems got popularized during covid pandemic. So, as this system took place in all the schools, the students completed their studies and grew digitally because it helped them know how to operate digitally. i.e., the students learned about joining their online classes on Google Meet / Zoom app, how to use a mic and camera in online meetings, etc. All these activities enhance their skills, and they become familiar with online learning systems. Many students want to continue their studies in online learning mode only because they feel much more comfortable and worthy of it.

Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education

There are several benefits of online learning and distance education; the best is time conservation. Yes, online and distance learning are used to conserve time from wasting unnecessarily. Let me explain this with an example; suppose two students are studying in college; one is taking online classes, and the other is attending offline, so the student who is studying offline.

The student studying online has to get ready before the course starts, and the time taken here is only to get prepared. In contrast, the student who is attending offline has to not only get ready but have to go to school by his/her means of transport which consumes time as compared to the online system and not only this, there is again the wastage of time when the offline going student has to come from the school to his/her home, on the other hand, the student who is attending online conserves his/her time because he/she does not have to go anywhere, the only thing he/she has to do is just leave the online google meet/zoom classroom and the student gets free. The other benefit of online and distance learning is that it removes the risk of uncertainty like kidnapping, accidents, etc.

Online learning and distance are also best because it helps students to focus more on themselves, i.e., they can learn skills and professional courses/training, which is beneficial for enhancing knowledge and personality development in their free time.

So, I would like to positively keep my viewpoints on a myth/rumor that some people believe or say that ” students do not study online learning and distance learning or it is a waste,” for this, I want to say that the students who are serious and focused then he /she will study anywhere (online or offline), but if a student is not severe or is interested in studies, then he/she will also not learn in the offline class even the teacher is present in front him/her.

I also agree that because of teachers’ punishment/scolding’s, the student will be forced to sit in the class, but what is the use of this if he/she is present physically and mentally absent, i.e., not interested or focused? Then, the offline class is also a waste in such a situation. So, both are best and good if a student is good and sincere towards his/their studies.

Let me clarify why online and distance learning is better than offline learning.

Here is a comparison of online and distance learning with offline learning –


Basis of comparison Online learning and distance learning Offline learning 
TimeConserves time by staying at home.Consumes time ( in going and coming from school and centres.)
AdvantageMore advantage to acquire knowledge, skills, and training through several online courses in their free time.Less advantage as compared to online learning because here the person will not be able to conserve the time to join such courses, and if he/she joins then, they have to struggle between the school, tuition and online learning, the reason is that students are not machines and need rest also. 
RiskRisk of uncertainty is less (here, a student has to not go anywhere so, risk of kidnapping, accident is not here, but there is a risk to damage the eyesight due to continuous looking on screen of phone/ P.C. while studying.)Here, the risk of uncertainty is high because a student is going alone and coming alone so there is risk of uncertainty like kidnapping and accident, etc. 
Sending a child alone might not be safe for everytime. 
Travel friendly It is travel friendly because due to some occasions or events we have to attend those functions, the person can continue his / her studies without missing the classes while travelling also.Here, it is not at all travel friendly because a person has to physically present in the classes into school / college. So, the person has to take leaves and has to be absent from the offline learning system for attending occasions or events. 
Record The person has the option to do recordings of the online classes and can keep it for further use.Here, no recordings can be done because classes are going offline and live recordings are not allowed in offline learning classes to the students because it is not allowed. 
Growth The growth is better as compared to offline learning because in offline learning students only focus on studies and school activities but in online learning systems students get day to day familiar with using digital features and get smarter/advanced on running smart devices like Android phones, tablets and P.C. The growth is not much better as compared to the online learning system because here the students are busy  in study and school activities so do not get much time to operate the digital like phones or P.C. and if they use also then it might be for entertainment or photography which is not enough to get advanced or smarter on learning the technological features.
Savings It is also used to save money as compared to offline learning because the money is only spent on fees, data plan and stationery items whereas in offline learning the top ranked school, college, coaching institutes charge more money for giving education to the students due to their popularity, quality and facilities. Here, there is no money saving because in offline learning one has to not only pay the school fees but has to also incur money on additional expenses likes transport fee , the person is going by their own vehicle has to pay for parking fee, if a student is interested in any school level competition then also he/she has to pay the fees to take part in it, fine charges taken by school / colleges like late fine for library, coming late to school, submitting fine for late submission of fees , the students has to pay for school uniform, stationary items, bags, bottle, tiffin, etc. All this maintenance required huge money to study offline.
Comparison Between Online learning/ Distant Education and Offline Learning


The conclusion of this topic “The Benefits of Online Learning and Distance Education ” are given here – 

  • More than 70% of students feel comfortable with online learning and distance learning.
  • The students say it is best and they are happy with this online learning as it has several benefits like time conserving , travel friendly etc.
  • Online learning and distance learning is affordable and cheaper as compared to offline learning systems.
  •  Online learning is helpful for students in many ways as it makes them grow not only educationally but also make them smarter for smoothly operating digitally.
  • The most interesting part is it provides an opportunity for the college students or graduate students to earn online by doing an internship because doing an internship is also a practical knowledge of learning. So, as a student, it is a golden opportunity to earn while learning and working for having experience and starting his/her career effectively.

FAQS About Benefits of Online Learning and Distant Education:

Can you name the most essential benefits for learning online?

  • Yes, it is Career advancement. (doing internship or skills based courses will boost your career effectively).

What are the 5 best platforms for online learning?

There are many options available but I am taking the most preferred ones and they are –

  • Byjus
  • Coursera.                              
  • Unacademy
  • Vedantu
  • Skill share 

What is an affordable platform for college students ?

  • Udemy
  • Masterclass
  • edX. 
  • Khan Academy 

Which platform is best to do an online internship for college students?

  • Internshala (helps to find the most appropriate internship with or without stipend based on the students skills and requirement with time flexibility. )

Are online internships useful ?

  • Yes, a student can add to his/her resume to show experience and can also be useful for making summer Internship project reports for college during the graduation. 

Ratings Of Best Platforms

S. No.Platforms RankingsWebsite 
3.Khan Academy 4.3
4 .Vedantu3.4
8.Linkedin learning 4.4
10.Unacademy 3.4
Ratings Of Best Platforms for Online learning

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