How to make a memorable video from RAW photos

How to make a memorable video from RAW photos
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Human beings are wired to attach feelings to videos more than pictures. Our eyesight delivers a quicker response to moving transitions than a snapshot, and rightly so because we ‘see’ in the video, not in pictures. Moreover, a video is more powerful in storytelling and more prominently stimulates the ‘what’s going to happen next’ factor. Users can utilize a photo video editor to create seamless videos from RAW photos with pre-existing templates or a blank canvas. Continue ahead to find out more!

Today, with smartphones and cameras, it is quite easy to take pictures of anything around you. Because of this, artists, creators, and even amateurs feel the need to compile all those individual photos into a working video.

Therefore, it is no wonder that in 2021, more than 83% of all consumer internet traffic consists of online videos. This translates into more than 3 billion people consuming videos online in 2021.

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Among internet users, some types of videos are more popular, like music videos or meme videos, which constitute 88.2% of all video viewing.

The rest include tutorials or a how-to-do video, live streams by content creators, educational videos, product reviews, gaming streams, etc. 

he most popular types of online videos in 2021, including music videos, comedies and viral videos, tutorials and how-to videos, etc.
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Photography has become a raging hobby, with amateurs enjoying easy access to quality cameras at affordable prices. Everyone has a camera nowadays; if not a camera, everyone has a smartphone with an excellent camera. People click photos of almost everything, and most importantly, they capture memories forever.

A staggering statistic shows more than 54,400 photos are clicked worldwide per second. This means that by the time you read this paragraph, there will be a million more photos in the world.

To help deal with this frenetic pace of creating videos, some free photo-to-video makers are available online that compile your photos into a memorable video.

What Is the Need to Create a Video from Photos?

As explained before, people prefer watching a video to going through a series of photos. Two crucial reasons for this are the time factor and the storytelling factor. Watching a video is a seamless experience that takes far less time than going through individual photos.

For example, a video compiling all of your Thailand vacation photos will be more efficient than showing the photos one by one. Such a video would make you more popular and engaging at your next get-together.

Moreover, videos are better at storytelling than photos. Many artists will disagree, but prima facie, a video retains the creator’s vision better than a photo. Simply put, artistic interpretation is dictated in a video more efficiently than in a photo.

A single photo can mean different things to different viewers. However, in a video that compiles all the photos, the sequence and the thematic template create a story everyone follows. Viewers retain 95% of the message when told as a video.

This continuous chain of storytelling in videos makes them extremely popular than still photos or text. This is also the reason why people prefer film to books.

Another big reason for making a video from images is its huge appeal for business. Video content marketing is the current big revolution in advertising. More than 70% of people prefer to know about a product through video than text, and 84% decide to buy the product after watching its video.

This statistic is only going to grow as we go ahead in time.

How to Make a Video from RAW Photos

RAW Photos

A RAW photo is an unprocessed photo file stored in your camera’s or computer’s memory. The format of RAW photos changes with the camera manufacturers.

The benefit of shooting RAW is that the image size is retained and can be processed to edit as you like. Photographers retain much more flexibility to edit RAW photos than editing, say, a JPEG image.

Processing of RAW photos

RAW photos must be edited and processed to create the final image ready to be shared.

You must first download a viewing software to open the RAW file. The photos can be edited using specialized editing software available online

Use a Photo Video Maker

A photo video maker is a powerful tool that you can make video with pictures it converts your photos into a seamless video.

A proper video maker gives you the freedom to customize your videos, arrange and rearrange your photos the way you like, remove unwanted photos, add effects and graphics to your video, control the pace and mood of the video, etc. 

Choose a Template

Templates are preset models that can help speed up your video creation process. Usually, a photo video editor provides a wide variety of template options.

The templates may be categorized based on the type of usage (business presentation, marketing, informal, etc.) or the occasion (birthday, anniversary, product launch, etc.). Choosing a template can be fun as it allows you to imagine what your end video would look like.

You may even choose to create a video from a blank canvas. However, with this option, you would be required to edit the video thoroughly.

Arrange Your Photos

After choosing the template, the next step is to drag and arrange your photos in a neat sequence. The way you arrange your photos determines the flow of ideas and the story you wish to tell.

You can play with this arrangement by moving your photos up and down to see where they fit the best. Take your time with this step, as your photos are the primary element of your end video.

Add Elements

Most photo video editors allow you to add text, graphics, stock images, videos, and other decorative and utility elements to your video.

These elements enhance your photos and can add ancillary themes or humor to the video.

Add Music

After mastering the timeline by adding photos and elements and creating a flow, the next step is to add a fitting soundtrack to your video. It can be a song, an instrumental cover, or even a poetry recital.

Adding music to your video imbibes a humane charm to it.

Review and Finalize

Before sharing the video, review all the timeline slides and check if you can add anything more. After review, download and share the video with your colleagues, clients, customers, friends, and family!


A photo video maker is perfect for assembling those RAW photos lying with you into a seamless, watchable video. This process is easy to understand, so you can concentrate on the creative process. Go ahead, and make memorable videos out of photos using the tips mentioned above!

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