Milana Vayntrub Net Worth 2022: Cars, House, Salary, Biography, Assets

Milana Vayntrub Net Worth
Milana Vayntrub Net Worth 2022: Cars, House, Salary, Biography, Assets (Picture Credit : Bollywood Fever)
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An American actor, activist, comedian, writer, director, and producer with a net worth of $3 million is Milana Vayntrub. In a long-running series of AT&T advertisements, Milana is best known for playing Lily Adams. Some of the commercials were also directed by Milana. Here we have mentioned about Milana Vayntrub net worth, cars, house, salary, biography, assets.

Milana Vayntrub Net Worth (Picture Source: Famouspeople Today)
Milana Vayntrub Net Worth (Picture Source: Famouspeople Today)

In addition to “Life Happens” (2011) and “Ghostbusters” (2016), Vayntrub has over 60 acting credits to her name, including “ER” (1995), “Other Space” (2015), and “This Is Us” (2016–2017). She is listed as a writer on multiple “CollegeHumor Originals,” “Robot Chicken,” and “Mother’s Little Helpers” movies from 2019.

Milana produced “Mother’s Little Helpers” as well as the short films “I Dunno” (2012) and “Brief,” and she directed the 2011 video “Let’s Talk About Something More Interesting” and the “CollegeHumor Originals” episode “Molly Made Me (Episode 2).” (2017). In the television shorts “Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors” (2018), “Marvel Rising: Initiation” (2018), “Marvel Rising: Chasing Ghosts” (2019), and “Marvel Rising: Heart of Iron,” Vayntrub also provided the voice of Squirrel Girl.

Milana Vayntrub – Overview

NameMilana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub
Date of birthMarch 8, 1987
Place of BirthTashkent, Uzbekistan
Age35 years old.
Weight56 Kg (123 lbs)
EducationUniversity of California, San Diego 
ProfessionActivist, actress, writer, comedian, and voice artist 
NationalityUzbekistan, American
Net worth 2022$3 million
Annual Salary$250,000
Last Updated2022
Milana Vayntrub Overview

Milana Vayntrub – Early Life

On March 8, 1987, Milana Vayntrub was born in Tashkent, Uzbek Soviet Socialist Republic, USSR. Her full name is Milana Aleksandrovna Vayntrub. Milana’s family fled the escalating anti-Semitism in Europe when she was two years old and arrived in the United States as refugees. The family was given refugee status after three months in Vienna and nine months in Italy. In August 1989, they relocated to California and began residing in the Los Angeles neighborhood of West Hollywood. “Marvel Rising: Battle of the Bands” (2019), (2019). 

Vayntrub was raised a Jew and still identifies as one. She began her studies in Beverly Hills and previously performed as a young actor. In her early years, she appeared in several commercials and shows. Even though her appearance was brief. Early on, her family’s financial situation was exceedingly dire, and as a result, she dropped out of high school. However, she later rose to fame and made a respectable living.

Milana Vayntrub ( Image Source: Famouspeople today)
Milana Vayntrub ( Image Source: Famouspeople today)

Her mother completed a Jewish Federation-sponsored program to become a registered nurse at Cedars-Sinai Hospital while working during the day at a plant that produced airplane parts and cleaning medical facilities at night. Additionally, her father was a donut deliveryman.

Milana started performing in commercials as a young child due to the family’s financial difficulties, making an appearance in Mattel Barbie ads at the age of barely 5. She completed her sophomore year at Beverly Hills High School before quitting, obtaining her GED, and enrolling in the University of California, San Diego, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. Vayntrub also received training from the Upright Citizens Brigade, an improv comedy group.

When Milana went on vacation to Greece in 2016, she encountered families who had fled the Syrian Civil War and was inspired to start the social media movement and website Can’t Do Nothing. The Can’t Do Nothing campaign aims to “enable regular people to make a real positive difference and support refugees all across the world.”

Milana Vayntrub Education

Milana Vayntrub attended Beverly Hills High School when she was younger. She dropped from there, nevertheless, due to her family’s financial situation and her passion for performing. Vayntrub afterward attended the University of California where she earned her bachelor’s in communication.

Milana Vayntrub Career

In 1995, Milana appeared in three episodes of “ER” as a guest star. In 1996, she appeared in three episodes of “Days of Our Lives” as Young Kristen Blake. She made three appearances in “Lizzie McGuire” episodes from 2001 to 2002, and in 2004 she had a cameo role on “The Division.” Alongside Krysten Ritter, Kate Bosworth, and Rachel Bilson, Vayntrub made her big-screen debut in the 2011 movie “Life Happens.” In 2012, she guest-starred on “The League” and made an appearance in the movie “Junk.” She played Lily Adams in multiple AT&T ads from 2013 to 2016, and she started doing it again in 2020. 

She appeared in 15 “CollegeHumor Originals” between 2011 and 2014 and co-founded the YouTube channel “Live Prude Girls” with Stevie Nelson. The channel was placed #93 in the “NewMediaRockstars” list of the top 100 YouTube channels in 2014. In 2013, Vayntrub appeared as a guest star on “Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous,” “Key & Peele,” “House of Lies,” “Californication,” and “Silicon Valley.” In 2014, she also appeared as a guest star on “Silicon Valley,” and in 2015, she played Tina Shukshin on the Paul Feig-created Yahoo! Screen series “Other Space.” She reconnected with Feig when he gave her the role of Subway Rat Woman in “Ghostbusters” in 2016.

Milana Vayntrub (Image Source: Famous People Today)
Milana Vayntrub (Image Source: Famous People Today)

Milana portrayed Sloane Sandburg in eight episodes of the NBC drama “This Is Us” from 2016 to 2017. In addition to the movies “All Nighter” and “The Mad Ones,” she also starred in the critically acclaimed Eko streaming series “That Moment When” and the go90 series “Threads” in 2017. The following year, she made an appearance on Sarah Silverman’s “I Love You, America” and had a major role in the YouTube Premium comedy “Dallas & Robo.”

She co-wrote, co-produced, and starred in the 2019 movie “Mother’s Little Helpers,” as well as the TV shows “Kingpin Katie” and “You’re Not a Monster.” Vayntrub co-starred with Akilah Hughes in the Comedy Central YouTube series “Making Fun With Akilah and Milana” in 2020. She also made appearances in the Quibi series “Die Hart” and the short film “The Shabbos Goy.” She provided the voice for three episodes of the Adult Swim comedy “Robot Chicken” from 2018 to 2021, and in 2021.

In the comedy-horror film “Werewolves Within,” she played Cecily Moore. Milana has also appeared in several music videos, including those for the songs “Can’t Be Saved” by Senses Fail (2007), “Teenage Tide” by Letting Up Despite Great Faults (2011), and “Hungry Child” by Hot Chip (2019), as well as several short films, including “6 Women” (2010), “Give Up the Ghost” (2012), “CosmoNots” (2013), and “Moving Violation” (2018).

Milana Vayntrub – Activism

Milana is also interested in the field of activism. She started the Can’t Do Nothing movement in 2016 to raise awareness of the migrant situation in Europe. The launch took place after the victims of the Syrian Civil War who had fled their nation was discovered in Greece. Through her social media platform, she has also been actively interested in politics and social concerns.

For instance, she has supported or promoted politicians Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossof, and Stacey Abrams. Additionally, she frequently writes on her Instagram account about climate change, gender equality, and racial justice.

Milana Vayntrub Net Worth

Milana Vayntrub is a remarkable woman who has attained significant success in her career. She started acting as a child and has been in several commercials, TV series, etc. She quickly became well-known and established a huge name for herself. Milana Vayntrub has had some success as a comedian.

Everyone adores her for the roles she played on television. She has also been in many films, but she did not particularly stand out in any of them. Milana Vayntrub’s current net worth is $3 million.

Milana Vayntrub – Home

The successful American person Milana Vayntrub was born in the Soviet Union and later immigrated to the US. She amassed a respectable fortune in America, and she currently owns several properties. Both Beverly Hills and Los Angeles are home to Vayntrub.

Milana Vayntrub – Car collection 

Milana Vayntrub hasn’t talked much about her passion for automobiles or her collection of vehicles. She does, however, possess a few vehicles, which she uses to get to work every day. In Vayntrub’s garage, there are Range Rovers, Chevrolets, and Toyotas.

Frequently Asked Questions about Milana Vayntrub

Milana Vayntrub, who is she?

She is an American activist, actress, writer, comedian, and voice artist who was born in Uzbekistan. After appearing in AT&T advertisements, she rose to fame. Her unmatched talent has led to her landing several parts in movies, TV shows, comedic routines, and music videos.

Another activist, Milana Vayntrub, launched the “Can’t Do Nothing” campaign to draw attention to the plight of migrants and refugees in Europe.

From what country is Milana Vayntrub?

The actress was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan Soviet Socialist Republic, on March 8, 1987. (Current Uzbekistan). Life was difficult for Milana and her family in Uzbekistan. They were considered foreigners despite being of Uzbek descent because they were Jews. The Soviet Union at the time experienced rampant anti-Semitism and religious discrimination against Jews.

Milana claims that she felt like an American her entire life growing up in West Hollywood. Her parents put a lot of effort into providing for her and giving her a quality education.

Who is the father of Milana Vayntrub?

Alexander Vayntrub is her father; her parents may have split up. She still keeps in touch with both of them, though. Briana, Milana’s younger sister, is someone to whom she is close.

What is Milana Vayntrub’s age?

Milana from AT&T will be 35 years old in 2022. She is a Pisces by horoscope.

What is Milana Vayntrub’s height?

The AT&T girl is 123 pounds and 5 feet 5 inches (165 cm) tall (56 kgs).

What are Milana Vayntrub’s physical characteristics?

Her body is 32 inches, 25 inches, and 36 inches (81-63-91 cm). She has brown eyes and blonde hair.

What is Milana Vayntrub’s net worth?

Her estimated net worth is $3 million. She gained the most of her income because of her popular work as Lily Adams in AT&T ads. She also earns a respectable living from her acting jobs.

What does Milana Vayntrub get paid?

Milana Vayntrub makes an annual salary of at least $250,000.


It is estimated that Milana Vayntrub net worth is $3 million. American actress, television host, and campaigner Milana Vayntrub was born in Russia. She has achieved significant acclimatization and is a well-known figure in America. Vayntrub is also well-known for her work as a comedian, and she excels at it.

As a result of his appearances in various television commercials, Vayntrub first found success. She appeared on the NBC television series ER in 1995, which served as the launchpad for her career. She just had a short, three-episode role, but she became well-known because of it. She is also well-known for the immensely popular Live Pride Girls YouTube channel, which was included in a list of the top 100 YouTube channels. 

Successful individual Milana Vayntrub has produced some outstanding work over her career. She is well-known for her comedic and acting roles. Milana is well known for her activism work and has contributed to issues relating to migrants in Europe. On the stage of the international community, she has spoken up. Millions were motivated to reconsider the topic by her movement. She is currently working hard and succeeding in both her job and personal life.

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